Fee & Fine Payment

Fee and Fine payment will be done on specific dates as specified by the college.

Struck off after Admission

If a student remains absent for 10 days in any subject or all subjects, his name will be struck off. He will have to apply for re-admission in accordance with struck off notification. Besides, for re-admission, he will have to pay special fine and admission fee.


  • Both theory and practical attendance will be counted for science students.
  • If a student’s name is struck off twice, he will lose the right of re-admission.
  • If a student is found in indiscipline, misbehavior or malpractice, the college administration reserves the right to take proper disciplinary action against him.


A candidate shall be eligible for migration as board / university rules provided.

  • He falls within the college merit
  • A seat lies vacant in the college
  • Documentary evidence of change of address

However, the final decision lies with the Principal.

Class Attendance

Only those students will be eligible to appear in board / university exam who follow the following criteria of class attendance along with other conditions:

  • 75% attendance in each subject
  • In subjects which include practicals, 75% attendance in the specific period (practical) provided practical periods are not below 40.
  • 72 hours manual work in academic terms before exam.
  • No relaxation / relief will be provided in the lecture count in case of leave, illness or any other reason.
  • 90% attendance in mandatory for BS students

Class Absence Fine & Special Fine

In case of violation of college rules, special fine may be charged which is not remissible.

  • 02 rupees will be charged for absence in each lecture.
  • In case of absence from college exam / UMC, 200 rupees will be charged
  • Liberal use of Mobile Phone will result in 1000 rupees fine.
  • Smoking / misbehaving with college officials / workers.
  • 150 rupees will be fined to students without uniform.
  • If students are found quarreling among themselves, they will be fined.
  • Facilitating activities of foreign organizations.
  • Damaging college property.
  • Remaining absent from classes continuously.